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Tasks and Goals

What we do, how we work and where we are heading

foodRegio stands out for its great agility. Our members are totally committed to the network idea which can be felt at every foodRegio gathering, in working groups and at our major events. foodRegio follows a clear strategy and clearly defined goals. We want to be measured by how well we achieve them.

Our Goals

  • To strengthen the competitiveness of the foodRegio companies;
  • To promote profitable, sustainable corporate growth in foodRegio;
  • To establish foodRegio as an important and attractive location at the national and international level;
  • To take advantage of all available resources to strengthen foodRegio and assure its future.

Our Principles

  • All projects are initiated by the companies belonging to foodRegio which also take responsibility for them.
  • Possible, requested or proposed projects are evaluated based on 4 factors:
    • Is there industry-wide interest?
    • Can foodRegio make an effective contribution?
    • Will it be possible to achieve an immediate impact?
    • Can measurable benefits be demonstrated, or are they achievable ?
    • Projects requiring additional resources are organised as public-private partnerships (PPP) and may also have other organisational forms.

Our Activities

  • At present, our activities are planned, coordinated and carried out by eight working groups.

Our Event Formats

Closed-door events, for full members only

  • Working groups
  • Training courses / seminars / workshops
  • Project meetings
  • General meeting
  • Board meeting
  • Company visit with participation of state policymakers

Events open to everyone, including non-members

  • Forums on practical topics
  • Training courses / seminars / workshops
  • Trend Day
  • NEWTRITION X. Innovation Summit Personalised Nutrition

Our Action Guidelines

In 2011 the foodRegio Masterplan was drawn up in order to make our actions more transparent and understandable and to base our work on clear principles. It has been used as a set of guidelines ever since. Rather than being a rigid instrument it is a living document based on the interests of our members.

The foodRegio Master Plan covers the full range of our activities and looks towards the future. It sets forth foodRegio’s strategic goals from which it derives six areas of activity as the basis for specific initiatives.