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Wirtschaftsförderung LÜBECK GmbH acts as the operator and is the company responsible for the contents within the regulations of German Press Legislation. Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft LÜBECK GmbH also shares responsibility with foodRegio e. V. for the latter's website content.

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Wirtschaftsförderung LÜBECK GmbH
Falkenstrasse 11
23564 Lübeck

Phone +49 451 70655-0
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Chairperson of the Supervisory Board: Astrid Völker; Managing Director: Dirk Gerdes;
German Commercial Register: HRB 4238 Amtsgericht Lübeck; VAT-Reg. No.: DE 135084155

For the foodRegio e. V. Association                                                 

foodRegio e. V.
c/o Wirtschaftsförderung LÜBECK GmbH
Falkenstrasse 11
23564 Lübeck

Phone +49 451 70655-0
Fax +49 451 70655-20

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CEO: Jochen Brüggen

Registered with the Lübeck Local Court (Amtsgericht) under HR A 2949 HL

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