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foodRegio Training

Needs-Based Knowledge Transfer for the Food Industry

There is a high level of general demand for extensive and industry-specific training for employees in foodRegio. There are many requirements in the food industry which businesses must meet by providing consistent and ongoing training courses.

Training can be provided more flexibly and cost efficiently within the foodRegio network, where requirements are directly identified at the grassroots level, i.e. in our working groups. The participating foodRegio contacts translate the identified training requirements into a very high-quality training offer.

foodRegio training courses are open to all businesses in the North German food industry, whether they are members of the network or not. Naturally, members benefit from reduced training fees.

The Benefits for You:

  • Needs are identified directly in the working groups
  • Training courses are custom-designed to meet your requirements
  • Planning and organisation is taken on by foodRegio
  • Less distance for your employees to travel
  • Excellent cost benefit ratio

We know what good training must offer you!

We are familiar with your needs and requirements thanks to our many years of working with foodRegio businesses.


Training Topics

In general, we provide training on any topic for which there is a need. We do, however, offer some real classics such as training courses on quality and certification or, for some time now, the sensor technology courses we offer in cooperation with Gewerbeschule - Nahrung und Gastronomie der Hansestadt Lübeck in Lübeck.

Current Training Courses:

Please consult our eventcalendar for current training dates.

Previous Training Courses:

  • Baked Goods / Fine Foods / Cereals Sensor Technology
  • HACCP from the IFS Perspective
  • Food Legislation
  • Aromas
  • Transport Logistics Contracts (Workshop)
  • Fit for China - Food Legislation and Safety in China
  • Load Securing
  • Internal Auditors
  • Energy Management
  • Shelf Inspection
  • Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIC)
  • Customs Treatment of Export Orders
  • Strategic HR Management
  • Selling in the Arab World
  • IFS 5 / IFS 6
  • Preparing for Trade Fairs
  • Purchasing Negotiations
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