Personalised vitamins - individual preparations for an optimal supply of nutrients

Pale skin, hair loss, white spots on fingernails - these are all typical signs of vitamin deficiencies. Often it does not seem worthwhile to go to the doctor. Out of comfort, therefore, people usually resort to simple, over-the-counter preparations from the drugstore. But this is not always the best idea. Find out in this article where the advantages of personalised food supplements lie.

The dose makes the poison

One problem arises from the nature of the matter itself: If you do not have a nutrient deficiency professionally clarified, it cannot be specifically treated. Thus, it can happen that vitamins are wrongly taken with which the body is actually well supplied - as a consequence firstly, an over-supply can arise and, secondly, the actual problem of the under-supply is not solved. In addition, preparations from the drugstore often do not contain only one specific nutrient, usually it contains a nutrient complex with a mixture of different vitamins and minerals, which are often overdosed. Thus, supplementation can actually do more harm than good. Because not only an undersupply can impair health, but also an oversupply of some vitamins. Here, special attention should be paid to the intake of the fat-soluble vitamins E, D, K and A and some B vitamins. Vitamin C over-supplementation can lead to diarrhoea, for example. But more dramatic effects can also occur: In addition to abdominal cramps and vomiting, vitamin D over-supply can even lead to kidney damage, cardiac arrhythmia and unconsciousness in severe cases. In most cases, however, hypervitaminosis only occurs if certain substances are taken in high doses over a very long period of time or if the doses are excessively high.

Targeted supplementation with personalised vitamins

So, often the case, a personalised approach seems to be the only sensible solution. Some companies have already taken up this idea and want to offer personalised supplements. They are supposed to be tailored to personal needs, which can differ depending on the life situation. For example, on corresponding websites, a catchy questionnaire has to be filled out that addresses special circumstances such as pregnancy, acne or menopause. The aim is to offer specially formulated nutrient mixtures for such situations based on scientific findings, which are sensitively adapted to the needs of the customer. Some companies even go one step further and offer the customer to choose from a selection of nutrients and to put together the preparation according to his or her own ideas - of course after a detailed questionnaire and individual recommendations and without resorting to overdosing. Precise dosing of nutrients is part of the concept of personalised vitamin preparations. Models for improved nutrient absorption are also being developed.

Vitamins for everyone?

Even if offering specially adapted nutrient mixtures can be an important addition in the field of personalised medicine, it should be borne in mind that even despite individual composition, food supplements should only be used if there really is a deficiency. Ideally, this should be confirmed by a blood test. Therapy is also best carried out in consultation with a doctor in order to avoid overdoses and their consequences. And in most cases, if there are no diseases, the body is sufficiently supplied with vitamins and nutrients through a varied and balanced diet, which means that, as always, nutrition plays an important role in staying healthy.

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