foodRegio Working Group: Packaging

In recent years, the requirements for a variety of high-performing food packaging have grown continually, including both functional and aesthetic aspects. On the one hand, packaging must protect products from damage and other outside influences while on the other hand keeping goods fresh as long as possible, making them suitable for transport and storage. At the same time, food packaging these days needs to meet increasingly high aesthetic expectations in order to stand out among other, equivalent products, thus securing consumer loyalty in the long term.

The 9th foodRegio Trend Day was devoted to the topic of packaging. The international workshops held there and afterwards as part of the "CrossFoodPac" project serve as the substantive foundation for foodRegio’s Packaging working Group.

Current Topics/Projects:

  • Migration of contaminants
  • Sustainability: intelligent/active packaging
  • Disposal/recycling

Previous Topics/Projects:

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