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Food Starter, the foodRegio Apprenticeship Campaign

At seven foodRegio companies are currently presenting the entire range of training opportunities in the regional food industry comprising some 200 available apprenticeship positions. The job portal lists approximately 30 different occupations in which apprenticeships are possible, grouped into the categories of Sales, Production, Engineering, Organisation and Information Science. In addition to apprenticeships, the companies offer practical training and opportunities in cooperative education.

On the website young people can obtain information on the positions offered, apply directly or make contact. Of course, they can also share notes on the Food Starter Facebook page.

The participating companies are H. & J. Brüggen, BOCKHOLDT, Nordgetreide and Junge Die Bäckerei, all from Lübeck, as well as coop eG from Kiel, Hela from Ahrensburg and Frey & Lau from Henstedt-Ulzburg.

Food Starter Now Involved in Sports Sponsorship

The Food Starter apprenticeship campaign has been involved in sports since 2015. We are not only present at regional job fairs (such as nordjob and parentum) and schools, we also take an active part in sport and leisure activities. For example, we were one of the main sponsors at the Fair Play Cup in 2015 and are a sponsor of TSV Eintracht in Gross Grönau.

Impressions from the Food Starter Photo Shoot on 5 October 2013 in Hamburg

Would You Like to Join In?

If your company would like to take part in this campaign, please contact Tobias Ewert of foodRegio.

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